Company Profile
"Constant Evolution"

Fenbar is constantly evolving in order to adapt to the increasing demand for large production parts in short amounts of time.  As a result, we strive to stay abreast of the most modern machining techniques, the latest tooling from quality suppliers, and top of the line machines.  The desired result is always to make better quality parts from better quality material with more productive tools in shorter lead times.

Although we have advanced from our early days as an exclusive Tool & Die shop to become a production machine shop capable of producing large amounts of parts due in large part to our CNC departments, we have chosen to stay diversified and adaptable.  We still take great pride in our Tool and Die division which continues to produce millions of metal stampings every year in areas such as lithium battery components, generator laminations, railroad parts and testing and calibration equipment.  Additionally, we still maintain a very active manual machine shop which produces prototypes and smaller quantities of parts with the same high-end quality that we require of our CNC produced components.
Latest News

Fenbar has now added laser engraving to its already long list of machining capabilities. Our laser engraving system offers the benefits of a direct metal marking, non-contact, abrasion resistant, permanent marking onto almost any type of material.

With our state of the art software, Fenbar is able to import bitmap images, vector graphics and drawings (HPGL) from software such as Auto CAD, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw to name a few.

Additionally, we are capable of identifying and engraving many different types of fonts including vector fonts, crossless fonts, standard industrial fonts, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Hebrew fonts as well as machine readable codes.

For traceability purposes, we can also engrave your parts with serial numbers, barcodes and 2-D data matrix codes!

  Quality Control

At Fenbar, we know that quality assurance is critical to our success. That is why we have a dedicated inspection area specifically designed to check material, parts dimensions, finishes and all critical aspects of  every part we make.

Customers rely on us to ensure that parts we manufacture meet their intended purposes.  To do this, we strive to always make parts right the first time. We carefully scrutinize all components from the purchase of the raw material right through the machining process, any secondary processes (I.e. heat treatment, plating etc.), the packaging and finally the shipment of the finished product .

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