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Thornwood, NY 10594
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Fenbar Precision Machinists, Inc.
633 Commerce Street
Thornwood, NY 10594
Fenbar in the Global Marketplace

Although Fenbar began as a local Tool & Die shop specializing in metal stampings and prototypes, we have constantly adapted and evolved in order to keep up with our constantly shrinking world.  The global marketplace has made it so we can do business with companies across the ocean as easily as we can with our customers right next door. 

In order to provide the same level of service to our customers in other parts of the world as efficiently as we can our local customers, Fenbar has partnered with many long-distance carriers who can deliver our parts quickly, efficiently and safely to other countries in as little as one day.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn around parts with short lead times thanks to quality vendors and suppliers, efficient in-house operations, dependable outside contractors for secondary processes and prompt delivery services.